Hi. I adore your blog. And I'm one of you (sick for mature guys). But I really have to ask this: What will happen to us when we get mature? I mean, can you imagine us at age 40 and still looking for someone twice our age? That question sometimes confuses me. Anyway, maybe then we can date someone at our age because we both are going to be mature guys.

Hi! and Thank you! I had this conversation before, some people said that you’d just end up dating people your own age and others said the roles will be reversed, where we will become the ‘daddies’ who seek out younger guys. Some said you’d still date older guys but the age gap would be much smaller like a 40 year old dating a 50+ year old opposed to a 20 something and a 50 something. I’m  not too sure though guess it comes down to the individual, i just don’t see myself STILL dating someone twice my age when i’m 40 lol time well tell! just enjoy the here and now as much as possible and let the rest play out i guess.

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