hey, im 18 dating a 61 year old. How do you guys handle the generation gap. By that I mean, younger guys have such a different mindset then older guys. I like to go out and party and my boyfriend doesn't particularly like that, so it's hard to put himself in an 18 year old's shoes again. Does this affect you? Oh and I saw you said your BF was kinda the jealous type, my boyfriend wants to be completely open, rather have a jealous BF then one that wants to be fully open.

I guess that’s the biggest challenge with dating an older guy, everything can be perfect in the bedroom, but outside it, all you’ve got is two people from two completely different worlds. Your situation reminds me of the situation i was in with the very first ‘dad’ i dated, he liked a lot of classical movies and music and was more of the going out for dinner rather than a party type of guy, but we each took turns introducing each other to our favorite things and i guess you just got to keep an open mind about it. I think that maybe he wants to have an open relationship so that he doesn’t hold you back from being with someone who likes to go out and party? So maybe take that opportunity? And not see having an open relationship as a bad thing? I don’t know, i’m no expert, does anybody else have any advice? or experiences like this that can help?

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